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New 2021 WaveRunner range: on the wave of brand new adrenaline

Yamaha revs your heart

Our brand stands for excitement and emotion - the one we feel when we engineer our products and the one that we give to you as a gift through them. It stands for the constant search for improvement and innovation - in our engineering and in our vision. We are quality and reliability, but what is most important is the passion that we put in everything we do.

In 65 years of Yamaha Motor heritage we have inspired and continue inspiring people to stay close to what they love. Behind every WaveRunner is a heritage of innovation in design and engineering that has consistently delivered the world's most reliable, high performance - and exciting machines. The constant drive for that elusive combination has meant that with each of those years has come another uplift in quality and capability, driven by our single-minded passion for achieving 100% excellence in every product we offer to you.

Whether it is about leisure and easy fun, about yourself only or moments shared with loved ones, whether it's about being victorious and the adrenaline rush in your veins - we are there to rev your hearts that extra bit faster!

2021 WaveRunners: made to fit you. Perfectly.

After so many years of experience, we still evolve to be closer to our customers. Every owner, rider or family has their own style and we open a different "toolbox" to create the products that will  deliver maximum fun, joy, excitement and sheer adreanaline.

Which is why we've revolutionized our line-up, , now divided into three segments: Sport, Cruising and Recreation.

Sport Segment: SuperJet and GP Series

A stunning line-up of our most high-performance race-bred machines, for those who thrive on the adrenaline rush of driving at the very highest speeds or exploring the limits of handling while carving corners. For those who live challenging the limits - whether in competition or for pure pleasure, our Sport range equals "extreme" is purely 'extreme'.

All-new 4-stroke SuperJet!

Today, a new-era adrenaline machine is born out of our racing DNA. No longer restricted to professionals only, its pumping 3-cylinder 4-stroke engine and brand new sleek lightweight hull guarantee you'll dominate the waves both in high-speed straights and aggressive corners.

Ability and Power

Our award-winning, three-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1 marine engine is a compact, lightweight 1,049cc unit that delivers the exhilarating performance stand-up riders seel, but more smoothly than ever before.

Which is why the sleek, ultra-light SuperJet can deliver such a uniquely powerful combination of blistering speed and acceleration, paired with unmatched manoeuvrability … and sheer exhilaration. Supreme agility and control are the other unique trademarks which give the SuperJet its matchless turn-carving skills.

Stability and thrill

Based on a brand new wider andmore stable hull, it's now ideal for recreational use - although the spring-assisted steering pole and handlebar will lead the rider naturally into a comfortable lean-forward position, the perfect stance for super-fast riding, turning - and showing off!

Made for everyone

The new L-MODE® reduces engine performance to around 35 knots - a helpful and confidence-building feature for novice riders.

No hassle

No other watercraft is so easy to manage. It easily fits into the back of a light van or large SUV and its incredibly light weight versus exhisting alternatives makes it  estremely simple to launch and recover. It's ideal of course, for storage on the deck of a larger yacht.  

Looks don't deceive

Its minimal white and black looks focus the attention on its aggressive graphic curves and give space to the imagination for personalization.

GP Series

The supercharged Yamaha GP1800R SVHO and normally-aspirated GP1800R HO are the leaders of the pack - our top-of-the-line models and the epitome of today's ultimate high-performance leisure and competition watercraft. Launch and Cornering Control New this year to the GP Series is the industry's first automatic trim system featuring Cornering Control and Launch Control. When engaged, Cornering Control automatically shifts the trim into the bow down position when decelerating for tighter cornering. After cornering, the Cornering Control automatically returns to the origingal trim setting. Launch Control is different in that it automatically shifts the trim down to prevent bow rise when accelerating quickly. These functions happen automatically to bring new levels of handling and performance riding to racers and recreational riders alike. Race-inspired design features Under the waterline are a redesigned intake grate and upgraded jet pump for better hook up and quicker acceleration. Also new is the redesigned hull liner that moves the fuel tank 80mm towards the stern and 15mm lower in the hull. By repositioning the weight of the fuel tank, the craft's new Centre of Gravity enhances the GPs' nimble handling and agility.

Cruising Segment: VX and FX Series 

Just because you usually prefer a quieter, more relaxed approach doesn't mean missing out on the thrilling performance that is at the heart of every WaveRunner! While these VX and FX models are packed with practical and luxurious features for cruising inshore and exploring the backwaters, the merest twist of the throttle (warn your passenger first!) transports you into another world of exhilarating, wind-in-the-hair enjoyment that is the WaveRunner signature.

VX Series 

The VX line-up has become one of the industry's greatest success stories, but with the introduction of four all-new models, with sporty new styling, exciting new hull and deck designs and sophisticated electronic control systems, the bar has been raised yet again. Power to match the style The VX, VX DeLuxe and VX Cruiser models are all powered by our innovative 3-cylinder engine, the 1049cc High Output TR-1. This remarkably compact and lightweight unit packs a real punch and offers lively acceleration and great top-end power, plus economy and reliability. The light weight of this engine also helps deliver superior handling, agility and balance. HO power for top-of-the-line VX Cruiser HO The VX Cruiser HO is powered by the largest capacity waveRunner engine ever, the mighty 4-cylinder, 1218cc High Output TR-1. This unit is also remarkably compact, but as its name implies, it delivers awesome thrust and top-end speed for exhilarating long-distance cruising and exploring adventures. Improved comfort and handling Both the super-comfortable seating and the handlebars on all the VX models are new, narrower designs which provide an excellent ergonomic sitting and driving position. Together with the deeper, wider footwells and new-design grips, this gives (especially to the smaller rider) great control over the handling. Advanced electronics for more control The VX range was among the first to feature the exclusive, revolutionary and intuitive RiDE system, which not only transforms the riding experience by introducing truly intuitive control for the first time on any watercraft, but also brings the advantages of electronic reverse and traction control. A rare level of feature to be found on such an accessible watercraft range. New dash displays* for VX DeLuxe and Cruiser models The new and unique Connext multi-function helm system with its stylish, precise and clear-to-read 4.3" colour display screen is pure state of the art technology - and when it comes to practicality, these three VX models will win your heart with other new advantages like twin multi-mount connection points conveniently placed for your navigation kit, sounder, camera or other devices. Take your tunes on the water! Sound is standard on both the Cruiser versions of the VX. These models have another very special and surprising talent - the ability to turn into a concert hall, thanks to the fully integrated, factory-installed Bluetooth sound system. The speakers are ideally positioned in the footwells and controlled from an easy-access panel on the handlebar. A low-voltage regulator is fitted to protect the battery. Big new storage advantage To add yet more to your enjoyment, the VX models have class-leading stowage facilities, which include a huge watertight glovebox (with atmospheric blue LED lighting and USB/12V outlets on VX DeLuxe and VX Cruisers). When you add in the large under-seat and bow facilities, the storage capacity totals 114 Litres! Thanks to features like these, our latest VX models take the watercraft experience to a whole new level.  Watersports anyone? The new VX will really appeal to watersport fans, with its large dual mirrors, extended rear platform with re-designed, more comfortable re-boarding step - and strong tow hook. The stylish, comfortable, slip-resistant Hydro-Turf mats are another pleasure to look forward to after wakeboarding, skiing or swimming. On the VX Cruiser models, two pop-up cleats make make tying up a breeze.

FX Series

The FX line-up enjoys a worldwide reputation for its advanced engineering designs and trustworthy, dependable handling. These premium watercrafts are flagship models to get close to and enjoy. FX SVHO and FX Cruiser SVHO Bring a broad grin to your face by riding these machines in an aggressive, wave-conquering style - or by explore their more relaxing personality, when they become the smoothest, quietest and most powerful 3-seat touring machines you could wish for, ready to deliver great adventures in luxury and comfort. The supercharged SVHO engine is the largest and most powerful engine in any WaveRunner and when partnered with the lightweight NanoXcel®2 hull and body, it's a stunning combination - smooth, impressive power, coupled with stable, agile handling and a supremely comfortable ride. Cutting-edge technology and innovation are in evidence all the way in these feature-packed models, with our revolutionary and intuitive RiDE control system, electronic Trim and Reverse, Cruise-Assist and remote-control security system. The Cruiser versions is the true flagship of the entire WaveRunner line-up, offering added touches - pop-up cleats for example - not featured on the other FX models. FX HO and FX Cruiser HO With their revolutionary RiDE systems and lightweight NanoXcel® hulls, these versatile all-rounders delivers unprecedented performance and handling, making it the perfect choice for the thrill-seeking rider, whether for adventurous touring or enthusiastic sports riding. Prepare for the most comfortable, stable ride and handling you've ever experienced. Although it is not supercharged, the same remarkable 1812cc High Output engine features in these  FX HO models, with its high pressure fuel pump and intelligent electronic throttle control system delivering smooth, powerful, economical performance. The FX HO and its Cruiser sister, have a host of features to make you want to jump on and ride - like No Wake mode and Cruise Assist, luxury seating for three, a large, stable swim platform, an extra deep re-boarding step,  dual grab handles, plenty of storage space …  the impressive story just goes on - and on.

Recreation Segment: EX Series

Since its launch, the EX range has put the unmatched enjoyment of a WaveRunner within reach of a wider audience than ever before. Powerful. Agile. Reliable.  And lots of fun. Despite offering many of the exclusive and advanced features of our premium models, the amazing versatility - and accesibility - of the EX models has made them a runaway success and a true revelation to the watercraft industry around the world. We have already redefined the game with our EX Series WaveRunners. These are the hugely respected, well proven machines that share the very same DNA and high-quality craftsmanship as our more expensive, fully-featured premium watercraft, but are packaged smaller in size and lighter in weight for a fun, playful experience that the whole family can enjoy. MY 2021 WaveRunner pricing and availability: please contact your local Yamaha Dealer. 


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